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Veronicca gets scared of the thought that someone has kidnapped her although she does not understand why. She is so confused that she has no idea what to do and how to get out of this nasty situation. Furthermore, she feels really sick as a consecquence of the fall and she finds it difficult to keep her eyes open, which must be because of the more and more intensive bleeding. Due to the crash the bottle that she was holding in her hands broke and cut her right hand badly.


'Oh my god! What shall I do now? I will die', and she desparately buries her face into her hands making all of her face stained with blood. And suddenly everything gets yellow and white in front of her eyes and falls unconscious. She does not know how long her blackout lasted when she comes round, but she feels so sleepy, possibly owing to the loss of blood, that she cannot help falling asleep.


Her dream makes her fly back to her childhood to her parents' house, where she never felt good after Daddy had died. First Veronicca suffered from her mother's depression caused by Daddy's death, and when she recovered from it, she remarried to a drunkard bringing constant nighmare into their life. They lived in a one-bedroom apartman quite far from any good neighbourhoods, so Veronicca had to learn soon how to survive in the street going to school or coming home. She had a friend, Bob, who had a really profitable business with girls. Bob clearly saw that Veronicca was too young to be involved in his business, however he regarded her as a potential offer to some special customers. Veronicca was still untouched so Bob seriously looked after her to keep her purity as it could bring him good money. The little girl did not know anything about that plan, besides Bob assumed quite wrongly she did not know too much about sex, either. Therefore he decided to introduce her the business done by others, a bit elder girls. She was made to sit down behind a transparent curtain in the room of a girl. Veronicca did not have the faintest idea what the hell she was to expect, what she was going to see there. And then the girl appeared in a red silk robe, which was cut high on both sides showing the girl's beautiful long legs. She was not wearing bras, so her breasts rose mysteriously under the sexy robe and even Veronicca admired the beauty of that girl. She opened a cupboard, took a bottle of spirit and gulped a bit of it. Then the door opened and Veronicca understood at once why the girl had needed the drink. The guy was a giant, at least two metres tall with an enormous belly. As soon as he saw the girl, he ripped her silk robe off and dropped her onto the bed. Then he did something with his fingers that Veronicca could not see, but the girl did not like it as she screamed painfully. The giant did not care about that at all and turned the girl on her stomach and now Veronica saw that he pushed two of his fingers into the girl's pussy and started to push those deeper and deeper until the girl screamed again. Veronicca started to realise what the much told business meant and that Bob would want her to do the same, so she started to shiver of shock. Meanwhile the giant took off his clothes dropping everything onto the floor. Veronicca could not believe her eyes as she caught sight of the dick of the man, which had an incredible size and it was as sraight as a pole. When the girl also realised the size, she made an attempt to avoid letting that huge tail into herself. To Veronicca's great astonishment, she took it into her mouth and started to suck, but the giant just roared and wanted something else, something traditional. So disregarding the girl's protest, he did what he had come for, but it was too much for the girl, she was unable to bear the torture and passed out. She was lying helplessly, nevertheless, the giant did not stop until he reached the end roaring long. Veronicca knew that kind of roar, as her mother often did the same thing with her stepfather, but his roar was not as loud as the giant's. Then unexpectedly he noticed Veronicca behind the curtain and licking round his mouth, he dragged her out of her hiding place and dropped her onto the bed, next to the fainted girl. In vain she shouted and cried for help, no one came. The giant wanted to do the same as before with the other girl. Veronicca screamed as she felt the enormous finger approaching her virgin pussy, but the giant seemed to enjoy her squirming and she saw his dick started to look like a pole again. She was sure it would be the end of her life. Then suddenly the giant stopped turning round and Veronicca glimpsed a huge knife in his back. Behind the giant it was Bob standing and dirtied with blood. He came and rescued her, but the memory has remained so shocking that even after so many years it appears in her dreams over and over again.


Veronicca is still in the dark when suddenly she wakes up as she hears approaching voices.

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