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Some days ago Veronicca lived her usual life which was not boring at all, either, but since she met the old guy, her life has turned into something that she cannot digest. She tends to think that it is just a nightmare and she will wake up immediately feeling relieved. However, her injuries, although they are not bad, remind her of the bitter reality. She has been kidnapped and detained in a luxury boat, furthermore, she is going to be sold, as she heard from those men. On the top of everything, she has just witnessed a murder. Oh, no, it is too much for her! The only thing she longs for is her freedom and carefree life that she is used to. She must escape from this boat and under no circumstances should she allow to be treated like a slave, what is more, sex slave since it is quite obvious that it is her kidnappers' purpose.


'Never!' whispers Veronicca totally forgetting that she is not alone, but luckily the girl who has just shot the gunwoman dead is too nervous to notice such soft sounds. Anyway, she does not even have time to look around, either, as some men rush into the cabin and entirely taken aback from the sight of the dead woman. They must have heard the shot but they expected something else. Knowing her aggressivity, they were sure that she had killed the raped girl. After they realise the situation, they grab the scared girl and toss her up the stairs while shouting at her wildly.

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Veronicca has no idea what will happen, she only wants to get out of here. She climbs out of the box cautiously but quickly as the dead body still lies there, consequently the men will return. She does not know why, perhaps the instinct to survive makes her foresightful, anyway she searches the woman's pockets and takes a cigarette lighter with her before she leaves the scene of the murder. Reaching an upper deck, she cannot see anyone, so she decides to go one floor upper. To her great surprise, she finds herself in the lounge where she started her ordeal. The table is still full of food and drinks, nevertheless, Veronicca does not care about them this time. But she stops, hesitates because she catches sight of the endless sea beyond the windows on either side realising that escaping from here is not as easy as she thought.


Meanwhile a young and handsome chap enters the lounge and frightens Veronicca so much that she screams unintentionally, which earns a big hug from the enchanted man. He does not seem to know anything about the bloody events as he smiles at Veronicca lustfully. To be frank, she looks absolutely sexy in her torn outfit revealing her half naked body and her shaggy hair gets the guy's fantasy to work. Without asking her about the blood on her face, he starts to lick her neck, after all, this boat is about sexual joys. Whenever he visits his friend here, he cannot complain as the girls are always fabulous. This baby here is a bit shy, which makes her even more adorable and he will not only plug her but also spend the night with this fairy. The scared girl is pretty confused and does not know what to do owing to the unexpected turn with this young man, who seems to be totally different from anyone on the boat. Besides it is absolutely clear that he wants sex with her, and Veronicca does not show any objection. God knows, he might be her rescuer, so she does not refuse him and lets him lift her deadbeat but still tempting body. He takes her into another cabin, which is incredibly spacious and fully furbished with red. On the red walls there are mirrors, so everything that is done on the huge bed can be seen perfectly even from the bed. That is why Veronicca is able to see her own pussy with the stirring piercing, with which she originally wanted to make herself even more appetising although she wears her shorts. Now she feels that this young man expects something very special from her therefore she starts playing with her piercing. However, the man looks bored with the show as he really desires for something very unique. He quickly gets rid of all his clothes revealing his spotless body and proving that he is more perfect than anybody else, at least on the boat.


Veronicca is also fascinated by what she can see and she appears to have forgotten the horror she experienced before. Approaching the man, who searches for something in a drawer, she touches his muscled arms, shoulder and eventually his dick from behind, as it must be the most important prop for what they are here. Well, the guy behaves as if he were someone else and not that kind and polite gentleman who the girl met in the lounge some minutes ago. He pushes her away rudely and starts beating her fine body with a whip that he looked for in the drawer. Veronicca cannot believe her eyes as a real monster stands in front of her instead of the pleasant lover. He enjoys beating the helpless girl while shaking his own penis wildly and roaring like a lion. Then he suddenly stops beating her and tries to concentrate on his getting off.


'Now it's your turn, baby! I want to see what you can do with yourself! Show me your best, otherwise I will find another whip and will punish you severely. So start working! Be my sex slave!'

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