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Veronicca feels totally confused, but at once she realises that the guy enjoys the perverse sex, a lot more perverse than she would be keen on. At least he stopped beating her and she has to satisfy this crazy man's sexual desire otherwise he will be rude and violent again. So seemingly Veronicca eagerly agrees to start what he wants, that is a wild sexual play with herself. She looks around slowly to find something to be more exciting and irresistible. To her relief, there is a showerbox in the far corner of the cabin and from her reaction the guy finds out what she wants.

wet girl

'Don't be so shy, just feel free to do whatever you want provided it increases my desire to spend the whole night with you, baby!' he says and his voice is as soft as it was before.

'Alright, but besides a hot shower I want some loud music, very loud and some more toys that you also used', answers Veronicca with surprising determination. Anyway the man completes her wish to have loud music while pointing towards the drawer where the sextoys are found. There is satisfaction on his face as the girl is about to do something that he will really love.


He remembers his last adventure here on the boat with two black monkeys, who were not more than fifteen and did not understand what he wanted. First they were even reluctant to lick each other's pussies, but the whip proved to be an efficient teacher and they learnt the lesson very quickly. One of them became so wild that she used up everything that she could find in that drawer. To his astonishment, she knew how to fuck the other, just screaming bitch with two plastic dicks at the same time, then she had no problem with the nipple clips or the handcuffs. What's more both had such big mouths that they could hide his dick there without any effort and sucked him so perfectly as if they had always been doing that. Although their pussies were incredibly tight, they cannot have been virgin. He does not know what happened to them, perhaps they serve somebody in the same way as they did with him. As he was coming here, he thought of having non-white girls again because that two left him so pleased. However, this blond seems to be professional and her smell is pleasant unlike those black monkeys'. Moreover, this one has enormous round busts.

wet ass

Veronicca opens the showerbox door keeping it open and turns on the hot water, which makes her feel alive again. Naturally, she does not forget that her primary goal is to escape from here, but first she must get rid of this crazy man somehow, so she has to start a sexy show. She does not take off her torn top and shorts, making her appearance really fanciable as she gets out of the steaming box in soaking wet clothes. She springs to the drawer swaying her hips suggestively and she drops the foamy sponge to the amazed man. She looks at the content of the drawer and has no idea what she wants, but suddenly she catches sight of a pair of handcuffs and grabs them slipping them into her shorts. Luckily the guy is busy watching her shaking bottom, so she can do that unaware while lifting out a bulky silicon dick. And Veronicca starts her wild performance approaching the guy, who lies on the bed playing with his own penis. The girl undoes her bra but her wet top is still on as she gets closer and closer to the man, whose dick is ready for the second round. She smartly lifts her right thigh over him and sits onto the erecting part of his body. She makes his hands touch her bust and softly pushes the plastic dick into his mouth not knowing his reactions. Seemingly he does not mind, even he enjoys the unexpected idea so much that he starts moving under Veronicca's pussy slowly with closed eyes. Now she carefully takes the handcuffs out of her shorts and first switches one of them to the bar of the bed. The loud music helps her because nothing else can be heard. Then she fixes the other one too. Just on time as the man opens his eyes and encourages the girl to be harder, so she lies down and puts her busts into the man's face, who becomes wilder and wilder with the enjoyment. He spits out the artificial dick, lifts her waist and puts her pussy into his mouth because he wants to play with her piercing. He begins to pull it with his teeth so violently that Veronicca screams up. The more she screams, the more violent he is. However, she pulls herself together and grabbing his left hand, she traps it into the handcuff. At this very moment the man reaches the top, she feels the liquid of the enjoyment spouting onto her back, so she takes his other hand into the other handcuff with no hesitation. The man is still in extasy that is why he cannot realise the nasty situation he gets in. The girl seems to be very pleased with the action, but her piercing is still in the captivity of the teeth and he does not show any intention to release it. The most effective solution is to block his nose, which works immediately. 'What are you doing, you dirty bitch! Release me right now or...', but he cannot finish the threat because Veronicca takes the toy, which caused erotic pleasure some minutes ago, and pushes it hard into his mouth. She is so desparate that she cannot stop doing it, just pushes it deeper and deeper.

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